Healthy Dogs Begin

with Healthy Food

Better Food, Better Health

Eating healthy just got easier with pre-portioned meals customized for your dog's health goals, age, and activity level. Sign up today to get $25 off NomNomNow and see how fresh food can benefit your furry loved one!

A Fresh Way to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Our dog food is made-to-order in our own production facilities, located here in the USA. Always fresh, never frozen. We use human-grade ingredients from restaurant suppliers, and each meal is carefully inspected before shipping. If we wouldn't eat it, it doesn't make it into your dog's bowl.

Perfectly Portioned

Take the guesswork out of feeding your dog nutritious food that also helps them achieve a healthy weight. Meals are perfectly portioned based on our veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg's recommendations. Each bag is pre-measured for your convenience.

Bring Healthy Home

Never worry about running out of food. Your dog's meals are conveniently delivered right to your door exactly when you need it, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, based on your preference.

Our Team of Experts

Your dog's health is our top priority, which is why our team is made up of experts in pet nutrition, microbiology, gut health, and food science. In addition, our Care Specialists provide one-on-one attention to every pet parent to ensure a smooth transition to a healthy diet and long-term success for your dog.